Corporate Consulting

Are you a Human Resources Manager or Workplace Health and Safety Manager looking for fun and engaging workplace nutrition workshops and seminars? Maybe you’re a small to medium sized business looking to develop or deliver a corporate wellbeing program that’s aligned to your people and business strategy?

Progressive organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the shared responsibility they have for the physical and mental health of their employees beyond the slips, trips and falls model.  What you may not know is that a targeted wellbeing strategy will get you measurable results like improved individual and team performance, reduced costs associated with sick leave, presenteeism and workers compensation, and better employee retention.

Whether you are at the beginning of your wellbeing culture journey or you have established health, safety and wellbeing programs, the GHLS wellbeing offerings will have your employees healthier, happier, and more engaged and productive.


Why invest in corporate wellbeing?

Australian employers, including small business owners, are recognising the importance of employee health and safety beyond the management of slips, trips and falls.  Public health matters that were once not believed to be the responsibility or concern of employers are now considered to be an integral part of employee engagement and experience strategies.

Smart leaders now realise that high performing organisations are driven by healthy, high performing employees.  They acknowledge that healthy, happy employees are significant contributors to their success. 

Beyond the feel-good factor, employee wellbeing makes financial sense.  Research shows that investing in employee wellbeing leads to reduced costs associated with sick leave, presenteesim and workers compensation, while well-designed and executed programs improve employee performance, productivity, and workplace culture.  By expanding health and safety programs to include mental health, healthy eating, sleep and stress management, your teams will be more engaged, innovative and creative.


Why choose Genesis Health and Lifestyle Solutions?

As the founder and principle consultant, Mary-Leigh Scheerhoorn, has invested over 20 years working with individuals, teams, and organisations to build better workplaces with happier healthier employees.  Her qualifications in applied social science and nutritional medicine coupled with an extensive background in human resources, organisational development, workplace health and safety and organisational change management means that she has both the knowledge and the experience to design, develop and deliver programs that are engaging and effective.

Mary-Leigh has extensive experience designing and delivering innovative cultural transformation programs.  Because each team and organisation have a unique culture defined by its industry, location, gender mix, health risks and people risk, Mary-Leigh partners with you to design and deliver tailored seminars, workshops or programs that will align with your strategy and meet the needs or your organisation.  

Small and medium sized businesses can sometimes struggle to implement value adding wellbeing programs beyond the three F’s (fruit, fitness and flu shots).  With a lack of time or knowledgeable resources programs “tick a few boxes” but are they really driving happier, healthier, engaged employees?  That’s where Mary-Leigh can help.  She can provide you with a one-off seminar through to the full discovery, development, delivery and embedment of an end-to-end wellbeing solution.

Programs include:

  • Health checks and in-house clinical nutrition consultations

  • Career, leadership and executive coaching

  • Nutrition and lifestyle seminars , workshops and health retreats

  • Team effectiveness and strength-based leadership programs

  • Small group programs designed to increase employee engagement, energy, productivity. 

  • Development and facilitation of group wellness challenges

  • Menu, catering and vendor machine assessments

  • Interactive healthy food displays on wellbeing days

  • Cooking demonstrations and team building (cooking) workshops

  • Strategy and policy development and implementation

  • Cultural change and transformation management

  • Design, development and implementation of workplace wellbeing programs