I’m shifting gears and I’m excited!

It's officially summer and things are heating up here at GHLS central. As the seasons change it's a good time to reflect and review how things are going with life, business and health.

December is often considered a time of endings because its the month that closes off the year that's gone. I prefer to think of it as a time of new beginnings as its the month when many people and organisations are starting their planning for the year ahead.

With that in mind, I want to share some of the changes that are happening with Genesis Health & Lifestyle Solutions and what that means for you, my loyal clients and followers.

Continuous improvement is something I believe is really important and so is playing to your strengths. When we work with our strengths and are able to use them daily, we live a happier and healthier life that moves from simply surviving to thriving. And that's why I've decided to get more focused on my services and who I can make a difference with within my practice.

My goal is to set people up for success so they can function more effectively and feel better within the skin they're in. I will continue to work with individuals and organisations providing fun and engaging personal health programs that help people to:

✅Have more energy to enjoy life;

✅Build resilience so they can handle the tough times;

✅Tap into their natural strengths and talents; and

✅Build a regular practice of self-awareness and self-care.

To do this I will focus on 4 key clinical areas:

🔥Burnout and stress-related illness;

👩‍🦳Positive aging and optimising health;

⚖️Healthy weight loss; and

💡Mentoring and self-care for carers.

The other big change that I have moved away from the tradition Clinical Nutritionist engagement model of individual consultations.

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle is a process that takes time and commitment. Both science and my personal experience shows that to achieve optimal health and for change to be sustainable it requires ongoing effort and support over time. I can give people a prescription of supplements to bring them back to life, write them up a meal plan, and send them on their way with recommendations, but nothing really changes. They go back to the poor habits and choices that got them into the situation that brought them to me and then in some cases say that it was the modality that didn’t work vs them not making the necessary changes.

So what you’ll see going forward will be three levels of holistic nutrition and lifestyle programs:

  1. The Kickstarter - designed for the self motivated and diligent folks that can set themselves a stretch goal and then make that goal happen (but just need to know where to start and which way to go).

  2. The Changing Habits Program - An intense 3 month program designed to make shift happen fast with the support of someone that will mentor, challenge and hold them accountable along the way.

  3. The Make It Stick Program - A 6 month program designed to nurture and support you through transformational changes such as recovering from burnout/adrenal fatigue, building resilience, losing weight, or managing chronic health conditions.

I’m really excited to bring this new level of focus and dedication to my practice and I can’t wait to share this increased level of energy I have to support you in your health and wellbeing journey.

In the meantime, keep and eye out for the re-launch of my website, the release of new workplace programs and the introduction to my personalised health offering based on the first-ever lifestyle program that gives you customised, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness.

Yours in health and happiness

Photo source: Alak Sarma Unsplash